Getting from Marrakesh to Casablanca

While planning one of my speed tours, I was trying to find the best way for getting from Marrakesh to Casablanca.

There are a few alternatives but not many of them are optimum in terms of costs, time or comfort.

The costs for both going by plane or scheduling a car transfer were a bit too high for my taste. I didn’t have too much luck with renting a car, either. The overall cost of renting a car was not ideal.

So I ended up with the train as the only option. I was going to find a better option on the site, in Marrakesh, though.

Taking the Train

This was my first option before arriving in Marrakesh. Based on the research I did prior to my trip this seemed to be the only option acceptable in terms of costs, comfort and time.

The trip with the train is usually taking around four hours or more. Although the official time is around 3 hours and 20 minutes, apparently the train is most of the time late.

Also, based on the advice of my host in Marrakesh, if you’re going by train and want to make sure you have a seat, you should buy a first class ticket. Second class tends to get overcrowded and the trip may not be very pleasant.

You can check the train schedule on the oncf site. It’s only in French and Arab, but the searching for trains schedule it’s intuitive.

In some cases, it’s better to buy your ticket at least one day before your leave, since you may end up without a ticket. This was my case since I was in Marrakesh around 18th November (Morocco’s National Day) and the trains are crowded during this time.

Anyway, I was lucky to find a better way and skipped the train.

Going by Coach

Following the discussion with my host in Marrakesh, the riad owner, I’ve found a better option than train: the coach bus.

The riad owner was very kind to offer me some very useful tips regarding my trip to Casablanca.

For some reason, I didn’t consider the bus an option for going from Marrakesh to Casablanca. While planning my trip, I haven’t found any resources indicating the bus as a viable option.

There are at least two companies that run coaches to Casablanca and other cities in Morocco. I don’t remember the second one, but I can recommend the company I’ve used.

The company is called CTM and they operate two type of coaches: regular and premium. I took the premium bus, although the regular didn’t look bad either, paying 120 MAD (approx. 12 USD). The ride takes around 3 hours, including a 15 minutes break. In terms of price, it’s similar or even a bit cheaper than the train. Also, it’s more comfortable and a bit faster.

Their station in Marrakesh is not very far from the train station, on Rue Abou Bakr Seddiq, near Cafe CTM. Also, their last stop in Casablanca is within walking distance of the Casa-Port railway station. This is very useful if you plan to take the train from Casa-Port station to the Casablanca Airport – Mohammed V Airport (CMN).

Hopefully, you’ve found useful information in this article that will make you save time and money while traveling in a comfortable way.

Travel from Marrakesh to Casablanca
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