I don’t remember where I’ve seen the love locks for the first time. The most vivid image I have is in Paris, on Pont des Arts.

I recall this especially since, a couple of years ago, a part of the parapet of this bridge collapsed under the weight of the “love locks”.

Since then, I’ve found them in numerous places across the world.

Defying the purpose of its inventor and leaving their belongings unsecured, lovers from everywhere try to lock their love instead.

In a desperate attempt to immortalize the moment and their feelings, they attach the locks to every bridge, fence, pipe or whatever else they consider fit for preserving their love.

Under the heavy weight of love, many of these bridges and fences collapse, becoming another victim of love.

After all, they say that love can make you or break you.

I’ve always wondered what happens with the love locks when they fail to fulfill their purpose and become obsolete. Probably they just remain abandoned as a distant memory of what once meant something or maybe everything.

It would be interesting to find out if someone, realizing the other was a cheating bastard / b%#ch, went with a bolt cutter and removed the padlock, once the magic disappeared. I think it will be way more interesting this way. You could then judge the success of a love story based on the padlock rust.

I end this article with a message to lovers everywhere:

Free your love, save the bridges and your belongings.

PS: What do you think, after all these years, did the love of Nicole and Ahmed survive?

Love Locks
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