An introduction to this blog

By now you should have read the about page, on which I’ve presented a few details about me and the purpose of this blog.

In this article, I’m going to provide more details about the topics you’re going to read here and also some information on how I’ve become a “speed-traveler” (“speed-traveler” sounds like something you’ll rather hear in Star Trek than on a travel blog ☺).

How all this started

I was very little when I’ve had my first experience abroad. My parents decided to make a road trip through Romania and our neighboring country, Moldova.

By the way, I forgot to mention: I’m Romanian. I’m sure that, at some point, this information may become relevant in some way.☺

Anyway, the trip wasn’t ideal, especially since our Moldavian brothers decided, for some reason, to keep us about three days in the customs, on our way back to Romania.

Nevertheless, it was an experience: my first foreign country and my first road trip. This was the summer of 1992.

The following years will be focused on exploring Romania’s touristic areas and natural wonders, which even now, after traveling to a lot of different wonderful places I considered Romania to be one of the countries with the most diversity and most interesting places.

For some reason, it took me a while to visit my next country: about 18 years, to be more precise.  Yes, you’ve read this correctly; it was only in 2010 when I managed to visit another country, and it was an incredible experience.

It happened to be another road trip, through Austria, Hungary, and Slovenia this time. This trip changed me so much and made me see the World in a totally different way that I’ve decided to become an active traveler and discover more of what the World has to offer.

Grossglockner High Alpine Road - Austria
Grossglockner High Alpine Road – Austria

Started to travel more

I can’t really explain why it took me so long to start traveling again, but anyway, the good thing was that being totally fascinated by new traveling experiences, I’ve begun to travel more. Most of the trips were either weekend-break/city break style, work related travel or some tours booked through some travel agencies.

By the summer of 2013 I was adding Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, France, Vatican, Denmark, Sweden and Germany to my visited country list, along with a long list of beautiful cities and landscapes, various foods, interesting people and different ways of traveling (e.g. started to discover the benefits of traveling by plane). Wasn’t bad, judging by my previous years, however, in the beginning of autumn / late summer 2013, a new game changer will arise.

Balkan road trip

Together with a friend of mine, who soon will become my most reliable travel companion, we’ve planned a road trip through the Balkan region that will represent another important milestone for my traveling experiences.

The plan included driving through 9 countries, covering a distance of 5500 KM (more than 3400 miles) in about 13 days.

We both had limited driving experience, the total combined experience based on our driving licenses issuing date being around one year, which translated into 3 weeks of actual driving for me and around 6 for my friend. Even the car’s registration papers arrived right in the day we started our trip, and taking into consideration it was a used, not really tested on long rides car, the odds were even less favorable.

However, despite all odds, we’ve started this incredible adventure and it turned to be an amazing one. This made me realize that with the right amount of planning and courage you can achieve great things.

Kotor, Montenegro
Me in Kotor – Montenegro

Amazing and incredible journeys

The Balkan road trip opened new possibilities for traveling and soon I’ve started planning more elaborate trips, that involved using multiple ways of transportation and combined locations from multiple continents, making the overall experience even more spectacular.

At the end of 2016, the moment I’ve started this blog, I was counting more than 50 visited countries and territories.

Remember the examples I gave on the about page? These are all real travel experiences. We’ll talk more in the following articles about these trips.

What you’re going to find here

Now, after I’ve presented a brief history on how I became an active traveler, it’s time to talk a bit of what kind of information you’re going to find on this blog.

Bellow is a list of topics and information that are going to be addressed here:

  • General travel tips, based on my travel experience, that are most likely going to apply everywhere on Earth
  • Area specific travel tips (e.g. country, region or city specific tips)
  • Useful information on how to plan a trip (from small trips to multi-continental)
  • Tips for finding great travel deals (e.g. flights, accommodation, tours)
  • Articles about various locations that I’ve personally visited
  • Examples of how I’ve planned some of my most elaborate trips
  • Funny, sarcastic and subjective articles about personal experiences or things I’ve noticed while traveling the World

Hopefully, by reading this material, you’ll be able to plan better your trips, which will result into traveling more, while spending less. By following the “travel by speed” philosophy, you should have a broader range of experiences and remove the elements that don’t bring too much value to your trip.

Also, if you”ll have a few laughs while reading the funny articles, in the end, all the effort (that I’ve put into creating this blog) was worth it.

Thank you for visiting this site, hope you enjoy the articles and find many useful resources here!