Hey there!

I’m Lucian Vamesu, a travel enthusiast who decided to share his travel tips and experiences with the World. I’ve created travelbyspeed.com to help others get the most out of their trips by exploring the World in ways they didn’t consider before.

Meet Lucian – creator of travelbyspeed.com

Why “travel by speed”?

As you will understand by reading my blog, I like combining various and, maybe, unusual locations in a single trip, transforming the whole traveling experience into an adventure.

I’m trying to make the most out of my trips, visit as many places as possible, getting a “taste of everything” in a short amount of time.

In order to do this, you need good planning, determination and some sort of discipline. Also, you will want to maximize the active time spent on a trip and reduce the amount of wasted time (e.g. waking up late, spending time on things that don’t bring too much value to your trip), hence the “speed” factor.

If I were to make an analogy to explain better my philosophy, I would say that:

When going to dinner to a place where they serve interesting food, I’m the guy that likes to taste the food from everybody rather than eating only his dish. I would prefer, instead of only eating lasagna (which I like very much), have some spaghetti and pizza too, even if that means eating less lasagna .

I’m neither a nomad or vagabond

Unlike other traveling enthusiasts and bloggers, I’m not going to describe you the experiences of a nomad or a vagabond.

I’m a regular guy like you, with a full-time job, trying to make the most of my vacation days.

Therefore, I don’t have the luxury of spending a couple of months or more exploring a specific region or going on a conventional vacation and “relax” 10 days in a beach resort. Actually the last part is one of the things will bore me to death and something I’m trying to avoid when planning a trip.

By no means, you should conclude that I don’t like going to the beach and swimming in the ocean. However, I like doing that in a different way.

Amazing journeys await you

What if instead of spending 10 days in the same beach resort you will go on a road trip, spending only 3 days at the beach (and maybe not in the same place), exploring multiple cities and villages, contemplating beautiful landscapes and trying amazing and various foods?

Or how about, instead of spending 3 weeks in a single exotic place in Asia, you would explore modern Tokyo and the Japanese cuisine, take a ride with the Shinkansen to imperial Kyoto and meet traditional Japan, spend a night in “crazy” Manila, visit Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, relax on the beach in Thailand, visit the palaces and temples of Bangkok, get lost in the crowds of Hong Kong and, why not, gamble in Macau?

Or maybe, experience the incredible Italian cuisine and architecture, ride a camel in the Moroccan Sahara, relax on the Copacabana beach and climb the Corcovado mountain to see Christ’s statue in Rio, eat an Argentinian steak in Buenos Aires, visit the Iguassu Falls and more.

All these may seem now a bit unrealistic, however, with the right amount of planning, hunger for discovering new places and maybe a bit of courage you will be soon on the verge of starting amazing adventures.

Just follow this blog and I’ll make sure you have all the necessary resources to achieve this.

PS: You may want to read also my introduction page.